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Our Passion is to see the lost returning to God and become His disciples.

Through our Missions program, We go to the remote areas and villages in Africa to preach and teach the basic principles of the Word of God with a goal of bringing the unsaved to Lord Jesus Christ.

Through this program, We partner with local Churches to sponsor or support their soul winning and discipleship projects.

* We also conduct water baptism for converts and other people that are still young in the Faith from village to village.

* We offer Adult education program and after school classes for students preparing for final exams and those seeking admission to higher institutions.

* TIM Ministries organize periodic health fair program for rural communities to attend to the medical needs of the villagers, offer free treatments, drugs and other medical assistance.


The objectives of this program is to focus on the total welfare of widows and the aged in the rural areas of Africa.

Through this program:

* We provide their immidiate needs and enlist them in our welfare program.

* Regular support and provision of food, clothings, medical care and assistance.

* We help them to set up a petty trade to enhance their productivity and and become financially independent.

* TIM Ministries will connect them with a local Pastor for necessary supervision, visitation, spiritual care and attention.

Our goal is to empower at least 1000 widows through this program by December 2025.

This project, like other TIM Ministries projects is open for sponsorship, you can adopt a widow. Adopting a widow means you agree to fund the cost to sponsor a widow for a period of time, taking care of her feeding and other needs or sponsor an establishment of a petty trade that will be providing a daily or regular income for that widow.   


Seeing peoples lives transformed to the better is our core value at TIM Ministries, and that is the goal behind Project Kids.

It is a vision to share the love of Jesus Christ with children in the rural areas of Africa and presents a gift to them called Jesus Bag.

Jesus Bag is a tote bag that contains goodwill materials for Children such as cloths, toys, shoes, children's bible, pictures stories books, school supplies, tooth brush, tooth paste, and other materials useful for the development of Kids.

These materials are doneted by friends and partners of TIM Ministries to care and assist the needy Children in the rural areas of Africa.

We have a goal of reaching our to at least 10,000 Kids by the year 2025



This is TIM Ministries special interdenominational program for people that are seeking Divine intervention in their lives for specific situations or circumstances.

The goal of this program is to expose the tactics of the devil and to connect the participants with the covenant power of God that unlocks every door of impossibilities.

It is an indept teaching of the Word and prevailing prayer meeting.

We intend to spread the gospel of the Kingdom of the Lord throughout the entire world through the preaching and teachings of the word of God, prayer meetings, conferences and seminars for spiritual growth and preparing people for the end-time harvest into the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ.